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Abducted manager of bank rescued

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                                                              Editor’s Message
       The tripartite talk on creation of the separate Bodoland state is likely to be jeopardized not only with the centre and Assam government concentrating on Parliamentary polls, but for the BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary making its stand clear that ABSU is not solely entrusted to demand for Bodoland nor people had contracted them to do so. Observing the demand for Komtapur and S.T. status for the Koch-Rajbogshis in the same geographical location of proposed Bodoland, the centre will term it as “an apple of discord”. The centre and Assam leaders will make a good mockery of the present situation arising in Bodoland out of it. And in the lighter vein, the “Oboro howl” is likely to make a breakthrough for denial of Bodoland state.
           The recent party meetings of the BPF held in various districts of BTAD had sent clear signals of the antagonistic and vehement attitude against the ABSU as BPPF and its allied groups might involve contesting Parliamentary election. The ABSU President Promod Boro had made its stand clear that the student organization would support only those candidates who would stand for their cause: BPPF and Govinda led NDFB (Pro) stands in terms. Therefore the outcome of the ensuing election result would be suicidal, a tug of war between ABSU and BPF and the other third front would be the winner. The Koch-Rajbonshis and the Oboros are now at the prowl with their destined trap!!!
     When it comes to talk of the BPF and its organizational matters, they have more manpower, money and tactics to defend opponents in election, and the years of party politics had taught them how to bait people’s support. The recent attacks on the non-Bodo BPF leaders by the Oboros in some districts of the BTC had a reverse affect; the win-win is the BPF only. Their stand is clear, let BTC be a land of peace and harmony and Bodoland would materialize one day (in its own course???). Let us introspect; the centre had hinted them of the enhanced power of Home and Finance department, and It is heartening that matter is inconclusive. They have established to the roots of support gain-play.     
     The ABSU on the other hand has to sharpen its political strategy with a sizable number of aspirant members from different parties and angles. It is assumed, the last choice would be left not with the ABSU but from own party angles. Again, the cohesion and support of different non-Bodo communities in the election and in demand for separate statehood is in question, as the clashes between the Bodos and different communities in years before tell about their antagonism to the Bodo militants now in peace process and in consonance with ABSU’s Bodoland demand.
      The matter is of concern with Hagrama Mohilary declaring to form Bodoland Students’ Union (nomenclature not finalized), a new students’ wing of pro-BPF party. It is alleged that ABSU had failed to adhere to the organizational matters and had involved in “politicalizing”.      

           There may be stray untoward incidents with the BPF workers once ABSU start election campaign directly, which we can not rule out. It may boil up Bodoland as of the ABSU/BPAC movement with the slogan "Divide Assam 50-50” during 1987s.
     The BPF will have a tight time for changed strategy of ABSU which they had never faced. Is this not their mistake???  
    The whole scenario of the present trend of demanding separate Bodoland state should be looked from all possible angles and a conscientious decision should be taken. The public in their villages who still hopes for a ray of hope and expectation Bodoland would bring them should be addressed of the reality of the situation. Anyway, mistakes should not be repeated or else we would not be able to rebuild our Bodo nation that had been shattered years before for our ignorance. Nobody is going to be a winner by fraud for good.
     Be it BPF, ABSU, BPPF or whatever else, take honest decision to. People can not become political scapegoats time and again!!!    

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                                                R E G U L A R   F  E A T U R E S

 Abducted manager of bank rescued
Staff Reporter
 GUWAHATI, Nov 8 – Police arrested eight persons, including a suspected cadre of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (Ranjan) and a woman, for their involvement in the abduction of Mujibur Rahman, an Assistant Manager of the Dharamshala branch of Allahabad Bank in Dhubri district.Rahman (28), who originally hails from Bihar, was abducted by miscreants on November 2 from Boko after which he was confined in Lampi area till he was rescued in the wee hours today. Police also recovered an AK 46 rifle along with four grenades from those arrested.
The abductors demanded Rs 1 crore as ransom from the family members of the victim.
The complaint was lodged with the Panbazar Police Station by Jahiruddin Khan, Assistant General Manager, following which a case was registered under Sec 364 of the Indian Penal Code.
Senior Superintendent of Police (City) AP Tiwari told media-persons today that the abduction was masterminded by Doyal Das alias Doyal Basumatary (27), a suspected NDFB cadre and it was he who employed one Priyotama Basumatary (23) to honey trap the victim.
The investigation was carried out jointly by City Police’s operation and crime wings.
Tiwari said that so far involvement of no bank employee has been found in this case. “Investigation is on and more arrests cannot be ruled out,” he added.
The other arrested have been identified as Bijoy Chandra Bodo (32), Avinash Das (24), Dambaru Bhattarai (51), Niranjan Borkotoky (42), Prasanta Rabha (34) and Monoranjan Rabha (41).

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