Friday, 9 August 2013


Bodoland only way to protect rights of Bodos, says ABSU

GUWAHATI: The All Bodo Students' Union(Absu) on Thursday reiterated that creation of Bodoland is the "only option" for safeguarding the rights of the Bodos because the administrative arrangements under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution are fraught with many shortcomings.

Absu also reiterated its warning that it would resort to a "vigorous democratic agitation" if the Centre and the state government failed to arrange tripartite talks with the student body by August 13.

"The demand for a separate Bodoland is the aspiration of the Bodo people, on which our leader Upendranath Brahma had launched the movement in 1987. In the 1990s, the government created the Bodoland Autonomous Council. Then the Bodoland Territorial Council was formed under the Sixth Schedule. All these arrangements failed to fulfill the aspirations of the Bodo people and only a separate state can help realize them. Separate Bodoland is our constitutional right and our struggle will be a relentless one," Absu president Pramod Boro said here on Thursday.

Boro argued that had the Sixth Schedule arrangement been able to fulfill the aspirations and safeguard the identities of tribals in the state, the Karbis and Dimasas too would not have demanded a separate state.

"The Sixth Schedule status to Karbi Anglong and Dima Hasao were the oldest ones in the state. But the extent of backwardness and poor governance over the years have compelled the people of these two district to realize that the administrative arrangement under sixth schedule is not an adequate measure to help the Karbis and Dimasas to develop in all fields," Boro said.

He added that even the Bodoland Territorial Council has shortcomings because it did not have all the powers for all-round development of the Bodos.

"Mizoram and Nagaland were created into a state even after these areas were once under sixth schedule administration. Today the progress Mizoram and Nagaland made is only because of being a separate state," Boro argued, saying that the leaders of Bodoland Territorial Council have the moral duty to press for a separate state.

Also hundreds of Koch Rajbonghsis under the banner of All Kamatapur Students' Organisation (AKSO) staged sit-in demonstration at Dighalipukhri here on Sunday demanding creation of Kamatapur state.

Jwi Boro Harini
Viv La Bodoland