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Save The Bodo Nation
Press Release
Bodofa House, Kokrajhar
Dated: 14th August,
The struggle for the
self determination,
identity and the political
rights of the Bodos,
other tribal communities
and the indigenous
people living in the
proposed Bodoland
region has come to 25
years of movement.
Since 25 years the All
Bodo Students Union
through Democratic
Movements has been
demanding for separate
State Bodoland. But the
indigenous Bodo and
other communities living
in this proposed
Bodoland region has
been denied of the
Fundamental Rights,
Political and other rights
for the upliftment of
the Culture, tradition
and societal growth.
This Bodoalnd
movement is for the
Constitutional and the
Poltical rights for self
rule and protection of
the Culture, tradition,
literature and all the
aspects of the growth
for the existence as the
independent governance
under the Constitution
of India in the Separate
State Bodoaland entity.
However the UPA
Government led by
Congress for its political
benefit has taken
partial decision for the
creation of new state in
India leaving the one of
the oldest Demand for
the Separate State
Bodoland. For this
betrayal the ABSU has
on the 2nd August,
2013 has observed the
12 Hours Railway
Blockade and from 5:00
AM of the 5th August
to 5:00AM 7th August,
2013 the 48 Hours Total
Assam Bandh was
called. Mention may be
made that the All Bodo
Students Union is
compelled after 12
years to call for such
Total Assam bandh for
the deniel of the
Bodoland Demand by
the Government of
India. However the
Government of India
and Assam which does
not understand
democratic process and
making them to learn
about the Democracy
and condemning their
failure there was no
alternative in the hand
of ABSU but to launch
this democratic
movements. Mention
ably today also the
Government of India
has compelled the ABSU
to undertake the
National Highway and
Railway Blockade which
is very much
The All Bodo Students
Union from the last
meeting with Chief
Minister of Assam
Tarun Gogoi on 7th of
August has demanded
of Tripartite Talk to be
arranged on or before
13th August, 2013 as
deadline. The CM himself
has given a word to
arrange for the same as
the deadline for the
tripartite talk. However
the ABSU has observed
the whole effort of the
Chief Minister Tarun
Gogoi and Government
of India but the Union is
observing on the duty
and responsibilty of the
Government. The ABSU
wants the Solution of
the Bodoland
demand through
Dialogue with the
government of India.
The ABSU has no
objective to do
Movement for the sake
of doing movement and
harass the common
people but if the denial
of the Fundamental
Rights, Political and
other rights for the
upliftment of the
Culture, tradition and
societal growth
continues the
democratic movement
will continue for the
existence of the self
identity and self rule for
the determination of
the Culture, Tradition
and Political rights of
the indigenous Bodo and
other backward tribal
communities living in the
Proposed Bodoland
The Union through
discussion in the Cabinet
meeting on the 13th of
August has raised
doubt and question on
the role of the Central
and State Government.
In this Cabinet meeting
the Union Unanimously
decides to declare the
series movement
programs as declared
earlier. However through
consultation with the
different Movement
groups ABSU declares
the series of movement
program as follows:
1. 20nd August, 2013
Great Mass Gathering,
2. 22nd August, Hunger
Strike begins,
3. 28th August, 2013 24
Hours National Highway
4. 10th September, 2013
24 Hours Railway
On the matter of the
7th August CM’s
commitment being not
hopeful the ABSU in
protest fully supports
the NDFB(P)’s ongoing
100 Hours National
Highway Blockade on
the 16th August, 2013.
The ABSU is still hopeful
the Government of India
and Assam will initiate
immediately the
Tripartite Talk for the
permanent solution of
the Bodoland State
Demand on the other
hand the ABSU will
continue the strong
democratic movement
and for the
consequences of any
problem to the people is
apologized by the ABSU.
The Union also appeals
all the people despite
religion, culture and
different communities
to participate in all the
Democratic Movements
on way ahead very
peacefully and through
Pramod Boro
Romeo P. Narzary
General Secretary
Aug 14
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You, Pronoy Wari
and 10 others like
Jayanta Narzary
And art of bodoland also
become strong like
performing art and
visual art, like in
theatre,film, song,
dance, instrumental
play, and visual like
painting, grapics,
sculpture, etc... oblasw
bodolanda bondu
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Alongbar Daimary
Ya... From every side we
need our revolution. And
ABSU is always saying
for it. Revolution
doesnot mean that we
should stop Study,
Entertainment, Etc.. but
we have to take
together. Cultivators will
cultivate, Singers will
sing, Dancers will dance,
But along with it we
need revolution for
Bodoland. We may have
to struggle for it for
another 100 years bu
still we should for our