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BTC Chief Hagrama Mohilary’s statement has indeed desecrated Bodofa UN Brahma's dream. Having heard his self-destructive verbal jargon, I feel there is no reason to let our revolutionary spirit down rather we should lift up the spirit and celebrate this day for he has finally scripted his downfall. Should we not rejoice and say, “Thou shall not rise again? A lost sheep!” His unseasoned raucous and noisy rhetoric should not create any unnecessary tremor. Frankly, Hagrama is neither a spokesperson nor a leader of the community who commands wide respect. He is just a politician, and politicians have the art of surprising people. At times, they are adept in exploiting people’s emotions. What is being circused in Kokrajhar today is one of his many political misadventures. It is second in the series. Last year, if I am not factually wrong, he made a similar ridiculous tongue twisting exercise saying, “only the NDFB is fighting for Bodoland” in a public gathering in Udalguri. Such noises will keep flowing in the comings days.
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Bodoland movement is a poll gimmick: Mohilary
GUWAHATI/KOKRAJHAR, September 7: Dropping a bombshell, BTC chief Hagrama Mohilary on Saturday said that the demand for separate Bodoland is just a poll gimmick and the entire movement for the same will die down as soon as the notification for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections is announced. Addressing a public meeting at Kokrajhar, Mohilary stated that Delhi, Dispur and even the organizations like the ABSU, BPF and others which have been agitating for the separate Bodoland demand are well aware that Assam will not be divided further to create separate States. “The Bodoland movement is just a ploy of the Congress–led government both at Delhi and Dispur to defeat BPF in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. With the announcement of the notification for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, the Bodoland statehood movement will automatically end,” Mohilary said, adding, “The Bodoland movement is a politically motivated one.” According to Mohilary, there is right now no question of creation of separate States in the country as the Congress–led UPA government has not taken any concrete steps in this regard. The BTC chief, however, urged the people of ‘Bodoland’ to maintain peace and social harmony.

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The man who people mistakenly treated as a leader has proved himself a political novice who does not have any imagination to lead the masses. His today's tongue twisting exercise has already scripted his downfall- a reason for celebration. It is upto the people when and how to celebrate the dead of his immature political innings. The empire he imagined to erect will also go down in history- a chapter that will have no readership.
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The un-unanimity among the Bodo political parties and other social organisations having 'BODOLAND MOVEMENT' has really disappointed the common Bodo people.Truly speaking, it was never expected.what common people expected was unity and no more division among themselves.It's true, having a separate homeland is not an easy matter but at the same time there is nothing to loss confidence since we've our rights and provisions in the constitution.Many of our heroes have sacrificed their lives for the sake of having own homeland and self determination without caring about their lives and, now the question is, did their lives worth nothing and should we now drop the idea of having homeland merely for the selfish motives of the so called leaders????
*We are born to be warriors and we'll fight so long as we've the last drop of blood and breath in us.
*Now what we need to do is to have patience and persevere with unity util we reach our Goal,a goal of having own homeland for self determination and we do know .. our goal is not at faraway.
My brothers be a true HERO and never lose the spirit of HEROISM.


A hosts of dumb illiterates the present BPF formerly BLT are the one who kicked off ABSU’s Bodoland movement and sold the Land Rights of Tribal Belt & Block in BTC area in the name of BTC accord in 2003 and that’s too without the consultation with Tribal Sangha of Assam. And now, again they have started to show their true colour by ditching Bodoland, the aspirations of Bodos.
Hagrama and his followers lack a clear and concrete vision for the future of Bodo nation and they do not have any plans and policy for Bodos outside the BTC. They seem to be so short sighted that they are in the illusion that the BTC itself is the Bodoland.
They need to be reminded that the so called BTC termed by Hagrama and his party is not BODOLAND TERRITORIAL COUNCIL, but BTCAD the BODOLAND TERRITORIAL COUNCIL AREA DISTRICT created out of 4/5 splitted districts, I repeat “Area District”, not Bodoland as they Boast of.
Hagrama and his party worth not more than the FROGS in the WEL who lacks a sound mentality to lead and rule BODOs the great nation, and this is the time that they need to be thrown and kick out, for the better future of our nation.
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To all BPF leaders take care of bald head mohilary, if necessary take him to tezpur mental health hospital. Urgently and all BNC parties join him to visit mental clinic
Even BSS falls in the same line
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"The revolutionary leaders must realise that their own conviction of the necessity for struggle (an indispensable dimension of revolutionary wisdom) was not given to them by anyone else - if it is authentic. This conviction cannot be packaged and sold; it is reached, rather by means of a totality of reflection and action. Only the leaders own involvement in reality, within an historical situation, let them to criticize this situation and to wish to change it." by Paulo freire. Friends isn't mohilary packaging and trying to sell Bodoland demand for vote politics he is failed revolutionary from history of BLT.
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 Jwi Boro Harini 

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