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Hagrama flays ABSU on Bodoland issue


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      Few years back I asked some of my elite friends who had a good prowl with the Bodo leaders about their role in media. Interestingly, most of them were good readers, subscribing one or two Assamese newspapers, and local and political writings got eyed thoroughly. But none of them were bothered about the contents if it were indirectly a slur on social fabric of the state.

             The number of articles effecting historical relevance of a nation gets applauded because majority lacks true sense of historical knowledge, and the aim of distortion that the writer implies aggravates the social disharmony which brings about a threat to our society. The recent published topics in local dailies of Assam on the validity of Bodoland demand has led to ask one of my close friend bewilderingly,

             “Is it true that Bodos never ruled the part of land where we are now living?”    

      It is time to give appropriate reply to those queries. We are really in need of writers, researchers, reviewers, freelancers and analysts in great deal.

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 Hagrama flays ABSU on Bodoland issue
 BONGAIGAON, Oct 9 – A meeting for peace and harmony was organized by the Chirang district unit of the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) today at Kasikotra to mobilize the mass on the role played by the party and its rivals on the Bodoland issue.The meeting, chaired by Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) deputy chief Kampa Borgoyari, was critical of the BPF rival groups who have been setting their own agenda for the separate state. BTC chief Hagrama Mahilary said that with agitation the ABSU would not get Bodoland so soon. “It is nothing but a political gimmick ahead of Lok Sabha poll to win votes,” he added.
Hagrama said the ABSU did not sign the BTC accord. “It was the BPF that signed the accord and paved the way for Bodoland,” he said, adding, the students body has been running their movement for Bodoland on a “readymade platform”.

                                              R E G U L A R   F  E A T U R E s

Result of the last week

Are Bodos in need of a new student organization? Your opinion?

A. Yes
  1 (9%)

B. No
  8 (72%)

C. Never now
  3 (27%)

D. It may bring another clash amongst Bodos
  2 (18%)

E. It is a must for development of Bodos
  0 (0%)
F. ABSU has failed to meet its commitment
  0 (0%)
G. Can not say
  0 (0%)
H. It is only for benefit of tainted leaders
  3 (27%)


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