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Infant deaths at new high

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                                                                     Editor’s Message

             To the next talks, Bodoland has remained an apple of discord as the same geographical location has been demanded by the other communities with fewer competencies. Recently, some of our honoured leaders have claimed themselves as the only precursor of Bodoland movement, that they can conceive separate Bodoland state only on the lines of the present BTC which lacks many advantages of administration development. They think of conceiving a full pledged statehood with increased power of home and finance department to be independent and free from state interference. The govt. hinted it and it may also materialize.

          It’s a good idea intertwined with the idea of integrity and understanding. Many of the intellectuals support this idea.

        But, the reality has been quite different at present. The recent up rise of the anti-Bodo elements in the heart of Bodoland has resulted due to the deprivation of their rights and privileges as they asserted and it has crippled the very foundation of the unity that the Bodos had been enjoying under the leaderships of BPF and ABSU. It would be a gross mistake on the parts of BPF to say that they had never been a part of Boodoland movement under the aegis of ABSU in the past. It was a time to establish the greater Bodo nation in the corridors of developed nation, but our lethargic and selfish motive has led to the degradation to the root level.
              As reported and to everybody’s knowledge, the ABSU will assert its continued demand for Bodoland and in parallel the ruling BPF may assert its influence on to promulgate Home and Finance department to the BTC for more efficient governance. Both are a welcome gesture on the part of the all round development of the Bodoland. Narrow criticism, abusive language and threats will never serve the Bodos for unity and understanding rather may create communal hatred, disharmony and bloodsheds. We have to appease the anti-elements by any means!!!
       It’s a time to respond to the call of the day and take a strategic role for the Bodo nation.
Let us shun violence, let peace and unity reign Bodoland.    
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InInfant deaths at new high

- Unicef lists Kokrajhar
Kokrajhar, Oct. 17: Kokrajhar is considered to be the most developed district in the BTAD but when it comes to health, it has one of the highest infant mortality rates in the state.
The six districts under Unicef’s “Call to action for child survival and development” are Kokrajhar, Hailakandi, Golaghat, Karimganj, Dhubri and Nagaon.
The national infant mortality rate is 46. While Assam’s is 55, Kokrajhar district stands at 76 per 1,000 live births.
The death of six babies, in the age group of three-11 months, in a village in Kokrajhar since September 26, has highlighted the seriousness of the issue.
“This is a conservative estimate and if a proper survey is conducted by including infant deaths in the interiors, it will not be less than 100 per 1,000 live births in Kokrajhar district,” said Raju Narzary of North East Research and Social Work Networking, a Kokrajhar-based NGO working on health issues in the area.
The ordeal of infant deaths at Surjakhata started on September 26 when a four-month-old baby died, following the death of a five-month-old infant two months back.
Another infant, an 11-month-old, died on October 7, a nine-month-old the following day and a two-month-old on October 12. Sources said another two babies had died within this period but could not give details.
The Telegraph was the first to highlight the issue, following which the health department was forced to rush to the area to ascertain the cause of death. A senior health official in Kokrajhar said blood samples would be collected from the children in the area, aged 10 and below, to study the cause of any endemic or diseases.
While villagers alleged that the babies had died in reaction to polio vaccine, local health workers denied this. Affected families this correspondent spoke to said the babies were vomiting, unable to raise their heads and had a still look in the eyes.
The health department tried to blame it on the lack of doctors and awareness among the rural people.
“There is scarcity of doctors in the district. Many of the health centres, more so in remote areas, have no doctors. We have already informed and written to the higher authorities but till now many of the rural health centres are running without doctors or adequate staff,” said a senior NRHM official in Kokrajhar.


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