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Non-Rabhas warn of violence

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              Few years ago, as I was strolling one evening off the Marina Beach of Chennai, I was stunned to meet a couple from Golaghat district for their “extraordinariness”. They were newly married, and in reply they told me that they are on their honeymoon. I repeat extraordinary because they not only talked in broken Bodo, but the lady was in her dokhona. It made me ashamed because I was with my sister who was one of the active members of the central AABWF. But I never talked to her about it later.
         It tinged me for a long time and I had a divided opinion on why some of us so adverse to our own culture and upbringing. It took not so longer to get the root causes behind when I made one of my friends who defined it in this way:
   “I start talking in Bodo whenever I meet people from other community, and if that man is a bit comfortable, I finish with my tongue.”
      It is what he had a love for his own upbringing. I have no idea how many non-Bodos use our language, but to be frank, in many parts of our Baksa district they communicate in the language that we use. Some of them are now using Bodo as their means of communication at their home. They even have got a full assimilation to the very fabrics of our community, and these are not by threat or condition but by and cultural exchange inter-marriages to some extent. This is what they love doing it.
     Recently, reliable reports tell about some youths from parts of Udalguri districts using scissors and blades to discipline the astray girls and boys for using offensive dresses. Though we can not estimate the wrath and reaction it brings on the victim and fans, examples are there to adhere to their own choices and never to marry a Bodo!!!
     Time has come to decide and take a constructive decision to reassess the reality, and it should be not to harness a donkey in dry fields. Parents and student bodies should play a pivotal role for the upkeep and upbringing of children’s culture and tradition. Religious institutions’ role would make it more enhancing. Even implementing Bodo code of dress and assembly session in our language in schools and colleges will bring about a satisfying result.
     We have to re-organize the Bodo Cultural Afad on sound footing and with the sole aim of uplifting our culture and tradition. Contradictions if any should be avoided. The Bodos from the heartland of Bodoland should shoulder this role and show a model example. Will and heart should be put together for that.
     I wonder of that marginalized Bodo couple from Golaghat who put me on shame. They convey a message to love our culture and tradition. We owe a great to them with reverence. 

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Non-Rabhas warn of violence

- Civil disobedience in Goalpara and Kamrup districts from today
Goalpara, Oct. 26: After the 96-hour strike that ended today, the Non-Rabha Co-ordination Forum and the Non-tribal Students’ Union will start a “civil disobedience movement” in Goalpara and Kamrup districts from tomorrow.
The president of the forum, Sahjahan Ali, said, “The Assam government is not listening to the demand of the non-Rabha people and forcefully holding elections to Rabha Hasong Autonomous Council without excluding non-Rabha villages. So we will start a civil disobedience movement from tomorrow”.
He said their programmes were manifold and warned that the movement could turn “more violent”. “Our supporters may block roads, railway tracks and post pickets in front of offices. The government will be responsible for any untoward incident,” Ali warned.
Violence had rocked the district during the 96-hour strike, which was called by non-Rabha organisations. Some miscreants, suspected to be bandh supporters, tried to set two schools in Tukreswari, 25km from here, and Malamdubi, 35km away, on fire last night but were stopped by residents.
A motorcycle, however, was completely burnt in Rangsai under Lakhipur Police station, 25km from here.
Today, some non-Rabha and All Assam Minority Youth Students Council members also burnt effigies of Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi and minister for welfare of plain tribes and backward caste, Rajib Lochan Pegu, at Gaurnagar-Chataimary Road under Lakhipur police station.
The state election commission is holding polls to the 36 constituencies of the council in three phases on November 13, 16 and 25. Non-Rabhas are demanding exclusion of villages, having less than 50 per cent Rabha population, from the council area before holding the council polls.
The Goalpara district administration termed the demand unjustified. “Initially the council comprised 401 revenue villages. But when controversy arose between Rabha and non-Rabhas, we had a discussion with leaders of both the organisations where they accepted 333 villages to be included in the council. But non-Rabha organisations again demanded exclusion of 91 non-Rabha villages. On the demand of the organisations, the state government excluded 10 villages from the council,” a senior official of the district administration said.

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