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Suicide cases increase in Saraighat Bridge


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      We have seen a vibrant new trend in the world of communication:  traditional means of communication drastically replaced by  e-media.  The examples are many even in our North-east as we see the Bark valley,  Sivasagar, Guwahati, Kohima,  Shillong  go e-reported hourly and daily updated by a group of youngsters. This is a welcome gesture on the part of the all round development:  cultural, linguistic, politics and community as well.
      The Bodo intellectuals should think about it and the youngsters should come forward to usher in a new era to challenge the present media of any kind where the facts are fabricated, neglected and the innocents are  subjugated to torture or even to murder.
    Let us come forward and do a humanitarian service to the Bodo Nation and leave a legacy our next-gen. Its time to think and act.

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 TNN Sep 5, 2013, 04.53AM IST
GUWAHATI: Despite spurt in instances of people trying to end their lives by jumping off from Saraighat Bridge - the state's first rail-cum-road bridge on the mighty Brahmaputra - police are struggling to deal with the situation. The viaduct, which completed its 50th anniversary last year, has emerged as a 'suicide hotspot' of late.
Though the bridge is considered as a high-security zone' because of its strategic importance, rapid incidents of several people managing to jump from the bridge by dodging on-duty security personnel gives a contrasting image. At present, some 12-14 security personnel, including traffic police, river police and CRPF men, keep vigilance on the bridge.
At least 13 people have jumped off the bridge in the last six months and five were rescued. Similarly, at least three others were caught by police while trying to make such attempts. "We try to keep strict vigilance on the bridge. Incidents of suicide here are more during the summer when the water level surges. In some cases, we have been able to swing into action immediately and save the individuals," said an officer of Jalukbari police outpost. On Wednesday, security personnel succeeded in stopping a 23-year-old man from committing suicide in a similar fashion.
In many cases, workers of Gammon India Limited, involved in the construction of a bridge, saved many from making such suicide attempts. Most of the incidents were reported during the early morning hours and after sunset.
   However, Pandu River Police outpost, which is constantly dealing with such suicide and drowning cases here, is in dearth of government support and equipment. "Though important, the outpost is yet to be 'sanctioned'. Isn't it a discouragement for us who are working day and night?" lamented a senior official of river police here. At present, the outpost is getting help from State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF). There are only four river police stations and six outposts in Assam.

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