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White House in Kokrajhar

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      We have seen a vibrant new trend in the world of communication:  traditional means of communication drastically replaced by  e-media.  The examples are many even in our North-east as we see the Bark valley,  Sivasagar, Guwahati, Kohima,  Shillong  go e-reported hourly and daily updated by a group of youngsters. This is a welcome gesture on the part of the all round development:  cultural, linguistic, politics and community as well.
      The Bodo intellectuals should think about it and the youngsters should come forward to usher in a new era to challenge the present media of any kind where the facts are fabricated, neglected and the innocents are  subjugated to torture or even to murder.
    Let us come forward and do a humanitarian service to the Bodo Nation and leave a legacy our next-gen. Its time to think and act.

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White House in Kokrajhar

Kokrajhar, Oct. 9: The Tengapara Sarbajonin Durga Puja Committee here, which is celebrating its golden jubilee, has brought alive the replica of the White House at its pandal.
BTC executive member Mono Kr Brahma, who is also the president of the Puja committee, said they are celebrating 50 years and have tried to recreate a replica of the White House. The committee has drawn up a budget of around Rs 14.4 lakh for its the golden jubilee celebrations.
Brahma hoped peace and harmony would prevail among the people in the region, more so in Kokrajhar and other western districts of Assam which have witnessed a lot of violence and riots last year.
With only a day left for the Pujas to begin, preparations are on at a frenetic pace at the various pandals, as artisans and organisers are busy giving finishing touches to their idols.
The Janbee Sarbajanin Puja committee has come up with the theme of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.
Though Durga Puja is mainly celebrated by Bengalis in Kokrajhar, the trend to participate in the festivities is fast catching up among other communities as well.
A strong security arrangement has been made to avoid untoward incidents during the Pujas.
Kokrajhar deputy commissioner Nitin Khare said security has been beefed up.

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